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PIN: Father Osmond


DESIGNED BY Jimmy Osmond

Father Osmond and his cat "Little Joe."

It was a on a trip to Yosemite where Father Osmond started singing the Old Oakin' Bucket and taught Alan to harmonize. Soon, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay learned to sing 3-part and 4-part harmony and this is when the Osmond Brothers' Quartet first learned to sing and harmonize together.

Many years have passed since that time, but the Osmonds' legendary harmony is still going strong!

Jimmy Osmond designed this pin to pay homage to his father - a man who loves his family, believes in their talent, and had the courage to make the many decisions and sacrifices needed to work together as a family in the bizarre world of entertainment.

This limited edition pin is a high quality cloisonne pin, and is 1" in size. It has a black nickel backing.