New Christmas Products Just Arrived
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Check out our latest products! We offer a great selection and best-in-class customer service. We hope you enjoy stopping by our store.   We have a few specials...

 Hummy Bear plus all 5 Hummy Pins for $25.00 (or Hummy Pins at $10 each):  SPECIAL OFFER:  Purchase your very own HUMMY BEAR at $25.00 and receive all 5 Hummy a BONUS!  Check it out !  See "Hummy Bear" under the category of Summer Sale, Clearance, or Pins."Pin Grab Bag at $15.00 includes 10 personally selected pins:  up to 2 can be chosen from the RETIRED list!

See GRAB BAG under PINS category for specific "retired" pins.50th Anniversary Magnifiers - $1 each - limited quantity!

THE SHINE CDs - This CD was a special promotional CD that was made in England in 2001.  Quantities are limited.

Keep the Fire Burnin' CD - 2001 Anno Domini - includes 10 songs.

Miracle Gift Cards will be lowered to $5 each or ALL FOUR at $12.00!