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  • The Story Of Jesus (3-DVD)


    Produced by Jimmy Osmond/Olive Branch Creative, LLC.

    A revolutionary 3-DVD drama documentary narrated by David Suchet with SPECIAL BONUS commentary from Joel Osteen (as seen on BBC and Public Television).

    2000 years ago a young Jewish teacher was brutally put to death in Jerusalem. The dynamic story of his life and death became the basis for a religion that today accounts for more than a third of the world's population.

    The Story of Jesus is a major production combining specially shot HD quality drama depicting the life of Jesus, interviews with the world's top academic experts and documentary footage of the latest archaeological finds in Israel and Palestine, including stunning aerial photography of the major sites. This will retell the story of Jesus like never before.

    NOTE: This DVD is coded for the United States and Canada only. If you live in other countries and do not have a multi-regional player, this DVD will not work on your system. If you have a DVD player in your computer, you should be able to view the DVD with no problems. Please make sure it will play in your system before you order. Once purchased and unwrapped this video cannot be returned.