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  • THE STORY 18 MUSIC VIDEOS DVD (standard or extended)


    Produced by Jimmy Osmond/Olive Branch Creative, LLC.

    Films & Music inspired by THE STORY.  

    Choose STANDARD version for Individual Private Viewing Only for $14.99.

    Choose EXTENDED version for Exhibition in Churches and Other Public Viewing at $25.00.  Your receipt of $25 purchase price is your extended license (please print receipt and store with your DVD).

    THE STORY DVD is an unforgettable cinematic experience, with music by some of today's biggest Christian artists. Using dramatic reenacted footage and the very latest in motion animation, THE STORY will take you on a stunning journey through 18 timeless Biblical chapters of brokenness and hope, failures and rescue, and God's ultimate love and redemption..

    NOTE: This DVD is coded for the United States and Canada only. If you live in other countries and do not have a multi-regional player, this DVD will not work on your system. If you have a DVD player in your computer, you should be able to view the DVD with no problems. Please make sure it will play in your system before you order. Once purchased and unwrapped this video cannot be returned.